Jowanna H. Gosselin


Jowanna and Dave moved to Florence from Solvang, CA in August of 2000. After moving to Florence they built a wood shop for Dave with a studio above for Jowanna, which has been a dream come true!

Jowanna comes from 35 years in Decorative (Tole) Painting and has learned a variety of painting techniques with varied mediums. Her current challenge is watercolor under the directions of Susan Weathers also of Florence.

Jowanna has had books and articles published throughout the US and Japan. She has taught at Decorative painting chapters and conventions in California, Oregon and Las Vegas. She also painted 26 six foot Rosemaling designs on 13 beams at the Royal Scandinavian Inn in Solvang, with Dave cutting out wood plaques for the rooms and meeting rooms and our daughter Christee helping with sanding and finishing.

Jowanna demonstrated painting techniques at the Annual Danish Days Celebration in Solvang. She had paintings displayed at the Festival of the Lakes and had fun painting faces of younger attendees to the festival. She has received various awards among them the juried Celebrate Arts in Florence.

I’m still like “a kid in a candy store”…learning and challenges are important as we enter the “golden years”!

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